Ovation Construction has never had a Workers Compensation Claim for any projects we have managed.  We also have never had anyone from the general public or student population injured as a result of our construction work.

Ovation Construction is deeply concerned with public health, and the safety and health of all employees on our construction projects.  We adhere strictly to the Code of Federal Regulation Title 29, Part 1926, OSHA REGULATIONS.  To this end, we have implemented a company wide Health & Safety Program.  This program consists of safety meetings held quarterly to discuss such issues as safety review standards and the Health & Safety Manual.

We hold quarterly safety meetings to review and discuss such items as: job site cleanliness, OSHA regulations, driving rules and regulations, and appropriate job site attire.

The Health & Safety Manual for our employees details the following information and guidelines:

  • Safety training and inspections
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Accident reporting
  • Fall protection
  • Fire prevention
  • MSDS compliance
  • First aid

Ovation’s Health & Safety Program is designed to increase the safety awareness of all employees, our clients, and public on or in the vicinity of our construction sites. We achieve this through accident prevention, aggressive loss prevention practices, and active quality control.

All Ovation Construction employees are OSHA 30-certified. We have also implemented a drug-free workplace requirement for all of our employees.

We review each project site at the start of every project to strategize on such items as vehicle traffic flow, material delivery coordination, job site security and emergency procedures. These reviews are passed on to all subcontractors.

One of the most important and effective feature of our Safety Plan is the ability of any employee to shut down any unsafe work activity until the issue is resolved. Our open communication policy and “partnering” helps make an Ovation construction site the safest in the industry.

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